Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It has been a long time

It has been a long time since I posted.. The boys have been sick on and off for almost a month and now I thinking I am getting a sinus infection.. I will be so glad when the warm weather comes and stays for awhile..

I really need to get off the computer and start dinner but I am sitting here typing. Wishing dinner would cook it's self but we all know that will not happen.. I will try to get on tomorrow and post some recent pics of the boys and update some more

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Babies turn 2 today

WOW where has the time gone .. It just seems like yesterday I was pregnant with them. They are getting so big and growing so fast.. I wish I could stop time.. You hear people say all the time enjoy ever moment because it goes by faster then what you think and you dont believe them until you have kids of your own.. Believe me when I say this enjoy it all because time does fly by. I remember bringing them home from the hospital when they were 4 days old and having no sleep at all and thinking gosh cant wait unitl they are bigger well I will tell you I wish I would not have said it. Because before I knew it they were rolling over,crawling,walking and of course now they are running and talking..

They can really push my buttons but boy do I love them more then life itself. They mean the world to me and I would do anything and everything to make them happy and to protect them. Before I know it they will be going to school for the first time and boy that is going to be a hard day..

If I could pass 1 thing on it is to take it slow and cherish every minute you have with your children because they do grow up so fast..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boy what a busy few days it has been

WOW what a busy couple of days it has been.. It all started with Friday I had to start making my neices 4th birthday cake and we went to visit the boys great aunt and great grandma.. Saturday was the party so I had to finish the cake and get to the party by 11 to get all set up.. It was a very nice day and the kiddos seem to have fun. My Grandma,aunt and uncle came down from Maryland for the party so that was a nice surprise. It was really good weather in the upper 60's on Saturday and Sunday and our yard need lots of work getting some leaves and gumballs up so that is what we did Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.. Boy you talking about being sore. My whole body ached.. But it was all worth it.. Then Monday Eric went back to work and I had a SAMOM (moms of twins or more group) Valentine Dinner.. It was nice to get away from the boys something I never do I left at 5:15 and did not get home until almost 10.. It was a nice dinner.. But I am glad all the running is over and we are doing nothing today infact we are still in our pj's.. Below you will find a picture of the cake I made for my neice..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The boys got to play in the Snow

Okay so we finally got alittle bit of snow. Not awhole lot just alittle dusting but enough that I could take the boys out to play in it for a while.. We did not stay out long since they really dont have the clothes to stay warm in for a long time and no boots.. Why buy those things when we dont get alot of snow here. The really seemed to enjoy it and was like mom what is this stuff I told them it was SNOW and they kept saying SNOW.. They ran and played in it trying to get on their toys with the snow and ice was really fun to watch as they kept sliding off the steps.. I was very surprised when I said it was time to go in as they usually throw a fit not wanting to go in. I guess they were cold.. Here are some pics of them dressed and ready to go out in it and then some of them playing it..

Saturday, January 31, 2009

They did not want their Pictures taken

Okay so we had a photo shoot sit up today at 9 for the boys. I thought they would be a little bad but boy was I wrong they were terrible. They did not want to listen,sit still or even be held. They ran all over the studio and act like they had no manners. Adrian even tore a piece of his back drop not on purpose but still he did it. We got like 68 pictures taken and really none of them are that great.. We got more of Dakota because he did stand still a little more but not many of Adrian at all. I was so upset really wanted some good pictures for their 2ND birthday. I am not sure if I will even try to get them in again before they turn 2 probably not. I am waiting for the edited pictures so I can pick the ones I want hoping he can get a couple good ones out of them..

Can we say they are at the terrible 2's and they are not even 2 yet..:( Boy what am I in for.. But what can you do not much they are going to act up some right? I will post some of them on my blog when I get the edited ones back.. So keep checking in for updates..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Okay so once again the weather man is wrong.. They were calling for snow/sleet this morning the changing over to rain later today and continuing until Thursday morning.. They said the snow would start around 7 am and we could see 1-2 inches.. Well you guessed it no snow.. It is now 8:15 am and it is doing nothing outside. The boys are going stir crazy since it is to cold to go outside and in turn they are driving me crazy.. It is so hard to keep them busy in the house.. They run out of things to do and get bored easy especially my busy body Dakota.. I was hoping to get some snow so I could let the boys outside for a few to play in it.

I would love to have the weather mans job.. It is the only JOB that i know you can lie and still get paid.. LOL

Here is a picture of the boys I took this morning and boy was that a challenge they are at the point where they hate having their pictures taken. I am hoping they get over that sooner then later since we have a photo shoot on Sat for pictures.. I am hoping we get some good pictures.. But if not what can you do...

Monday, January 26, 2009

WOW what a bad night

It all started when Dakota did not want to go down for the night and it only got worse. Eric had him in the living room since Adrian was already asleep well then around 8:15 Adrian started to moan and whine in his sleep for some reason so i had to go back there and try to get him to settle down.. He did for a little while but moaned and whined all night.

Dakota finally feel asleep around 9:00 and Eric put him in the bed by 11:00 he was crying out for some reason we are really not sure why and he did this on and off all night.. I am not talking about whining he was really crying.. Eric said his legs felt kinda tight so we are not sure if he was having muscle aches/growing pains are if it is the night terror again.. We are hoping it is not the night terrors as those are pretty bad and no one gets any sleep when he has those.

I think they are both teething as well so that is not helping things.. It is now 10:20 and Dakota is laid out on the living room floor watching TV and Adrian is reading a book.. I will try and keep them up until 11:00 so they can eat some lunch and then it will be nap time.. I need to work on their scrapbooks while they nap but I think I will try and take a nap myself.

I have already fixed some baked chicken for dinner tonight and will just heat it up and fix some sides later. So that is one less thing that has to be done with fussy/teething babies..